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Mixing & Mastering: Start to Finish Online


Learn the fundamentals of audio mixing and finish your first release-ready mix by the end of the course.

Next class: September 13

Length: 12 sessions

Format: online


Learn to produce release-ready tracks with Abe Duque.

Unleash Your Creativity

“You can make a great track, but if the mix isn’t right, you won’t get to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are playing at home or at Berghain.” – Abe Duque


Mixing Tools 

Learn about the importance of room treatment, mix position, monitors, plugins, and reference tracks.


Overview & Preparing Your Mix

Learn about frequencies, organization and workflow, and understand concepts like gain staging, metering, and phase.


Cleaning & Tightening Your Mix

Explore the different types of EQ and when to use them, and add dynamics to your mix through compression.


Reverb + Delay

Learn the various types of reverb and delay, when to use them, and how to bring space and depth to your mix.


Creative Audio Processing

Bring your mix to life through saturation, coloration, mid/side processing and stereo enhancement.


Mastering Your Track

Finish with a release-ready track by learning and applying industry standard mastering processes and techniques.

Next class starts: September 13, 2022

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Standard course price 

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A step-by-step curriculum
at an Ableton Certified Training Center

Save hours of time by learning exactly what you need to know, instead of watching countless hours of YouTube videos. Our structured curriculum and expert instructors will ensure you get where you want much faster.


-Frequency overview & the science of sound
-Principles of psychoacoustics
-Bussing, send + returns and setting up a mix template
-Metering and commercial/broadcast audio normalization protocols
-Gain staging, leveling, and headroom
-Common mixing plugins overview
-Order of operations in audio effects processing
-EQ and filters
-Compression + limiting
-Reverb + delay
-Mixing vocals: pitch correction, de-essing, coloration
-Panning and stereo imaging
-Finishing touches and bouncing to stereo
-Basic mastering

Learn with us

Certified Instructors

More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide.

Personalized Mentoring

Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback.

Small Classes

Intimate class sizes (5 students) ensuring maximum interaction.

Discord Community

Ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers to collaborate.


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